Released as a new game more than a decade ago, you can still buy Neverwinter Nights online today - download the game now at gog.com. Community support is available at the BIOWARE forum / website

The Game

Dungeons & Dragons or D&D is the Role Playing Game or RPG that started it all and thrives to this day thanks in part to the game being highly moddable by the gamers who play D&D. These gamers being able to create their own rich adventures extend the game far beyond the scope of the creators and into the realm of imagination for millions of players.

Like the parent game D&D, Neverwinter Nights allows each player to envision and share their original story in the forms of adventures and downloadable content as varied as the players themselves. FREE modules, hak packs and even MMO style multiplayer PERSISTENT WORLDS (or PWs) are shared today by fans of Neverwinter Nights online. Hundreds of forums, thousands of posts fill volumes with tales of adventure and suspence, magic and monsters, all of which beg the reader to come join in the free game play online!

Free games may abound online, but none can compare with the robust community-driven content and ongoing events managed expertly by real human Dungeon Masters thanks in part to the wizardry of BIOWARE via that perennial favorite Neverwinter Nights!

Massively multiplayer online hardly defines the truth that is NWN - a game whose longevity amazes and whose community exhalts in pressing the envelope and taking their favorite game to new heights each day in a thousand ways. To list the accomplishments of the imaginative and ingenious NWN community would be a gargantuan task in itself! Let it suffice to say if you have not seen NWN lately, come look again, this game still grows. This is a game like no other MMO.

Bring your PC (Player Character) concept to NWN today and join the quest in action or role play adventures as fresh and unique as the gamers themselves.

Action, story and role-play driven servers are online now and live players are there to join you in epic adventures! LOGIN NOW!

NEVERWINTER NIGHTS has been out for a good long while, and has attracted a massive and loyal following of gamers. Created by BIOWARE under license from HASBRO, this groundbreaking software game title has left an abiding mark on the audience and the industry. NEVERWINTER NIGHTS has touched gamers of many strip, with and without experience in the original pen and paper role playing game known as Dungeons & Dragons. TM

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NOTE : there are a bunch of TRADEMARKS in the above paragraph, REGISTERED and otherwise. They are NOT our TRADEMARKS but someone else's, and we do not want you, the reader, to be confused about that.

With the strong community support for NWN (original) ... the NWN game may live on well beyond original expectations. REMEMBER - TSR Hobbies (the originator of Dungeons & Dragons) gave us a lovely game, but its reason for longevity is that we can make our own adventures and share them among friends. While companies may give us the tools for expression, it is our own creativity that has made the D&D phenomonon what it has become. With reports of Atari experiencing financial difficulties, and delays about releasing NWN2, it may well come to pass that NWN out-survives its would-be successor. We shall see.

The Gameworld

AL DOHRAL - the campaign as a whole, is a series of interlinked and interrelated adventures set in the world of the City of Dohral. This is an Earth-like world (in size too) and the minimal plan calls for FIFTEEN MODULES comprising a total of about 30,000 Areas at completion, and with a capacity to host about 1200 players. With a good reception and enough encouragement, there is no telling how big of a gameworld GM_ODA will create. CLICK HERE to read more about the AL DOHRAL CAMPAIGN.

Plans for the Future

With the completion of the BETA-TEST of each MODULE, the Designer will be going into the sound-recording studio with some other experienced voice-acting talents and creating (with the aid of my old friend the sound engineer) custom audio content for that module. This will be plugged-into the final BETA version of the MODULE to create the release version and HAK PACK. The Designer confesses that this group of cohorts have been creating audio content for computer RPGs (even Official AD&D releases) since the mid-1980's, so you can expect high-quality even in the audio.


The Gameworld Designer

The Designer is sometimes online as a GM, you may spy the Designer as GM_ODA, where the Designer often engages in operating special quests. CLICK HERE to read more about GM_ODA.

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