Everything runs on money.

The server on which we host our NWN module is a dedicated server in a secure datacenter in the USA. We have been a client of this same company since we debut on the Internet in March of 2006. We have a long-standing relationship with this company as they have been VERY responsive to our occasional technical requests. Our hardware / server is managed by Eriniel and GM_ODA, it it is a linux system featuring redundant power supplies, uber speed and outrageously fat bandwidth, a fast processor with massive hard drive and generously provisioned with RAM. Unlike servers run from the home, this machine has bandwidth and throughput to burn. As noted we have been with the same host for nearly a decade, until recently our primary IP address had been - that since our 2006 debut.

Recently THANKS to our GENEROUS DONORS, Argentum Regio was able to migrate to a server with better speed and hardware than the old server on which we had been running for about six years. The new machine, online now and running smoothy, is a beauty boasting specs of a Xeon Quad Core X3220 processor running at 2.4GHz populated with 8GB Ram, featuring a 500GB SATA HD, and bandwidth of 5TB monthly cap on a 100Mbps port! All this with FIVE IPs! Our server's NEW primary IP is

The Designer has labored over this truly MASSIVE project for over twelve years now to bring the project to readiness for the online community. Nearly six years ago, Eriniel joined the project, and we began a meticulous process of optimizing all existing code, while adding additional features to each set of scripts as we progressed, we integrated systems were applicable, and have made those our traditions.

At this moment, several modules are well developed and running well on the Designer's system as a single-player game. A new local area network (from used parts spanning the Designer's 20-odd years building computers and made possible by Eriniels technical wizardry) is presently being constructed for the purpose of testing the various modules in a limited-user, multi-player mode on a LINUX server, using my home CABLE connection.

A smaller monster-testing module dubbed 'The Dragonizer' is being occasionally offered online using our server to test the house version of Dragons and more. It is a bring-your-own-character free-for-all vs. the dragons (alone or in a party).

So what makes THIS Neverwinter Nights Campaign / Server actually WORTH my donation?

Quality is worth your time AND money.

WARNING - BOLDFACED OPINION AHEAD try not to get your nose bent on this.

PLEASE - DO NOT TAKE THIS STATEMENT THE WRONG WAY - but most of the Neverwinter Nights amateur built modules online are not of stellar quality (although there ARE some good examples out there). Consider that what you get is much like anything else you get in the real world; falling generally within a typical bell-curve where a small percentage of any sample is of good quality, the bulk is of mediocre quality and the remaining bit is pretty much bad.

Anyone who has spent any time at all doing the NWN online scene has seen a few that were outright awful, the majority being of average quality (some may have shined in one area or another but not 'across the board'), and a few good ones (that 'hit all the notes'). This module design does a number of things differently to achieve a quality level well above the mean.

* this utilizes some REALLY GOOD SCRIPTS donated to the NWN Community by some VERY TALENTED and KIND persons - THANK YOU ALL for sharing!

Strict attention to detail and skillful mastery of the TOOLKIT has produced more than 2500 maps with the whole designed to support the load of up to 12k Areas on a single servers, and allow for multiple servers to be engaged and linked as needed. This can get a bit expensive - presently our costs are about $60 a month for this superb server with robust connection and so user donations are essential to the continued availability of the campaign, as well as to the growth of the available material to additional servers.

Game World Needs YOUR Help!

Alas, the Designer is rich in code and knowledge but very thin of pocket (pronounced 'penniless') in the wake of his recent illness. YOU CAN HELP assure the continued availability of these fine Neverwinter Nights modules by donating to the project. HELP SECURE A SERVER TO HOST THIS AMAZING GAME CAMPAIGN! PLEASE DONATE!

Requesting SMALL DONATIONS ... The project needs funded to obtain a home for the Neverwinter Nights campaign described on these pages. Please donate a few dollars to help us secure hosting for this amazing NWN campaign PLEASE DONATE.

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