Player Guild System
Build 4.1.2

Created By: Adam Walenga

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The Player Guild System, or PGS for short, allows for the creation and management of player-run guilds! From recruiting additional members, to starting guild wars, this system can handle it all!


Guilds are groups of characters (PC and NPC) who share common cause. Usually headed by a powerful (pronounced EPIC) PC, these dynamic entities can accomplish great deeds in the Aerthen Realms.

Active Guilds associated with the Argentum Regio module include The Druid Circle of the North, The Highguard of Dohral, The Mercenary's Guild, The Monastery of Dohral, the Shak Tolun (Thieves' Guild), The Wilderness Runners, and more.

Join an Existing Guild or Found Your Own!

Many of our Guilds are open to new membership via in-game actions (varies by guild), such as NPC or PC interaction.

The Druid Circle of the North

Composed of druids, the local grove are a secretive bunch who travel unimpeded through this region, but rarely visit the various centers of population. It is said they participate in ceremonies among the trees often by the light of the moon. Little more is known of the group, but rumors - some quite strange - abound.

The Highguard of Dohral

Primarilly a group of paladins, organized by most historied of Bennin oz Dohral's numerous henchmen. This guild serves their god (Finshi) by guarding both the temple to their god in the city of Dohral and the city itself. Officially this group answers to the High Priest of the temple to Finshi in Dohral, but the commander of the Highguard of Dohral assigns officers to attend the Lord of the City and convey his just orders back to the guild leader.

The Mercenary's Guild

This is a vast, world-spanning organisation that provides mercenary troops on-demand to many customers in many locations. Need a HENCHMAN? Seek one at the Mercenary's Guild! Need to put a garrison on your new castle? You guessed it! Seek one at the Mercenary's Guild!

The Monastery of Dohral

PLAYER run guild location currently available in the heart of the city!

The Shak Tolun ( AKA the Thieves' Guild )

A very secretive group, and deadly too, so much so that almost NOTHING is said openly of this guild, and many doubt the guild exists.

The Wilderness Runners

A group of varied classes and skills who seek the heart of some secret (of what nature you will have to ask a guild member yourself).

Player Guild System

Player Guilds are voluntary groups of Players who band together for various purposes. Such groups are able to claim territories, establish guildhomes, transact business as a guild, and reap other less tangible benefits of association.

This implementation of the Player Guild System is configured to allow the FOUNDING of a GUILD by any Player Character with a Charisma of 15 or greater and who is at least 20th level. Player characters of level 5 or greater may join a guild (if invited to do so). The establishment of guilds makes certain items and objects more valuable and interesting in the game.


Territory Flag - Territory flags are placeables which allow players to gather general information about the territory.

Territory Marker - Territory Markers are found inside the area which is a claimable territory. When used by a PLAYER, and certain conditions are met (i.e. must be a guild leader), Territory Markers will allow for the actual area to be claimed. Once claimed, the guild leader has the option to re-name the territory and/or abandon it.

Territory Door - Territory Doors are special doors that grant access only to members of the guild that currently owns the territory. If it is unclaimed, then all players are granted access.

Guild Storage Chest(s) - Guild Storage Chests allow for items to be persistently stored. Anyone, regardless of guild status, can store/retrieve items (if territory is not claimed). Once claimed, members can deposit items as they wish, but only guild leaders will be able to remove contents. Territories support multiple chests.

NOTE - these latter three items are not always appearant, taking in many different forms and guises.


Guilds are able to enhance their Guildhome with numerous features, including a Guild Banker, Guild Tavern, Guild Inn, Guild Henchman and more. Such enhancements can be expensive, but their value is tremendous in the right circumstances.

Unreal Estate for Hire

In most parts of the civilized world, the land is controlled by the rich nobility and powerful characters of mystery and connection. The rest of the people are either granted usage or lease any land they are accorded. In very rare circumstances, PCs can earn Life-Lease on land or even Deed to it! Guilds may also similarly acquire control of parcels of unreal estate, for a price.

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