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The City of Dohral

The CORE MODULE of the Al Dohral NWN Campaign, and the centerpiece of the server, this MODULE features more than 1337 Areas, with more than 400 of these outdoors too!

This is the central module in which we test all our latest systems and which is built to be the hub of our multi-module game world. A sea port, this central location was geared to be a place of much commercial and personal traffic, and hence a rich place for contention and intrigue.


This is all about a great Neverwinter Nights module / persistent world named Argentum Regio - and sometimes just known as 'Dohral'. The CORE MODULE is the 'City of Dohral' module, which includes (naturally) the City of Dohral, and seven other 'provinces' ('jugera' sized plots of land) known as Tivook Province, Humfoodale, Krag's Cliffs, Esrogoth Province, a spur of the Urzhnark mountains, the Eastern Citadel and the Illfaw Fen (the northern most portion of the Illfaws).

The City of Dohral

The City of Dohral was founded by Bennin oz Dohral, a merchant captain and fleet-owner who saw the strategic advantage in placing a supply and repair facility along this dangerous stretch of the mighty Acerian Tradeway. It is said that he had, in his younger day, run afoul of the weather and fetched up on a rocky strand just West of the present day City of Dohral. Befriended by a group of dwarves from the region just inland, and provided with supplies to signal for help, Bennin oz Dohral was rescued soon after the shipwreck, and returned to his life as a merchant. He enriched himself greatly as a merchant over the following decade and returned to the location of his previous stranding, resolved to use this location for a base of operations for his merchant company.

Bennin oz Dohral negotiated contracts with his old benefactors the dwarves, secured a long term lease on the land and began building the city we see today. Strongly influenced by his life experiences at sea (and his fear of fire) the city boasts broad avenues meant to limit fires spreading, dotted with many fine fountains and provided with warfage to secure dozens of ships. Stoutly walled to secure it against the monsterous factions of the region, the city is a vassal state of the nearby dwarven Lords. Thus was founded the City of Dohral.

The contracts signed with the dwarven Lords requires "Lord Dohral" to provide a quantity of timber harvested from the Toltaw forest (at the northwest border of the vassal state) deliverable to the Eastern Citadel (at the northeast border of the Dohral vassal state). The dwarves get first pick, and excess harvest of timber were left to Dohral to dispose of - which they do, by selling it abroad and using it in local industry and craft.

Dohral prospers far beyond mere sale of timber. The dwarves have come to be a market for such goods and raw materials as come from the outside world, becoming buyers of large amounts of grain, textiles, and a wide range of produce. These same dwarven clans offer up goods for trade too including crafted silver products, dwarven ale, and rare dwarven weapons and shields.

City Map - City of Dohral

Present-day Dohral, now beyond her centennial, is still ruled by descendents of Bennin oz Dohral. The rule is not harsh, though it is rumored, quite lucrative. The people are mostly happy for this veritable isle of stability along a dangerous coast known for past political upheavals. This stability might, in part, be attributed to the Dohral Guard. Bennin oz Dohral enlisted the most notorious mercenary band as his personal guard. Regardless of the cause, the peace was welcomed.

Craftsmen craft, vendors vend, sages pontificate, and students (sometimes) take in their lessons. The city of Dohral is a busy hub of activity for the area; bringing in such trade as there is with the Dwarves of the Lake, being ultimately in control of the lumber harvested from the Toltaw Forest, and possessed of all the industries required to repair damaged ships.

Business is booming in the City of Dohral. Commerce is at the heart of the City of Dohral, from the local to the far-reaching, she is home to trade. If it is not grown locally, or crafted locally it can certainly be had by trade somewhere in the City of Dohral. Beyond the function of importing goods required by the local populace, and exporting local goods and produce, there occur more subtle connections and transactions that find their home mostly among the fog and shadow of a dockyard by night.

Tivook Province

Named for one of the ranking mercenaries hired on by Bennin oz Dohral, Tivook served two terms of service with the Dohral Guard, whose presence was used generously enough to deter any dissent. Tivook retired to this place claiming his lands as was the Mercenaries' Option for gold or land. Tivook, it is said, had grown to love the land and sought only to build his own retreat, and there he retired. The Tivook Inn, is the most prosperous business in Tivook reserving all the surrounding land under his control to wilderness. The inn operates to this day, serving travelers from near and far.

Even for its general lack of development, Tivook Province has proven a valuable piece of real estate, as it is strategically placed at a crossroads - Tivook Crossing - linking all remote provinces to the City of Dohral itself. All land trade and travel to and from the outlying lands must pass through Tivook.

Esrogoth Heights

The Lord of Esrogoth was once a mercenary leader, and the former lieutennant to Fashoosh, come to be in the hire of Lord Dohral who rewarded Esrogoth with this parcel of land as payment for long and loyal service.

The land has been left largely undeveloped, save for the roadway that passes through it (connecting Tivook Province with the Eastern Citadel), a few vassals' farms, and the castle of the Lord of Esrogoth. Lord Esrogoth, after some consideration, had chosen to build a castle in the Esrogoth Province - staff it with loyal servants of many sorts and dedicate the location as a creche for his numerous children. Lord Esrogoth was renouned as a handsome and well spoken fellow who seemed ever involved in some new romance. Many suspect Esrogoth to be of some dilute elven bloodline - as longevity he has evidenced is well in excess of the human norm, and yet he appears rather youthful to this day.

Eastern Citadel

Dwarven lands' western-most outpost, a stoutly built stone structure with soaring towers and lofty parapets (and rumored too to hide deep dungeons).

Controlled by a powerful clan of dwarves assigned to manage several lesser clans as well as the human envoys and merchants out of the city of Dohral. All of this makes for a very busy location. A small human enclave has formed on the surface often known as South Hills, here can be found an Inn and several human merchants known to have established some level of friendly relation with one or more of the local clans.

Through the gates of this massive dwarven surface stronghold flows a great wealth of commerce. Imports of grains, textiles, and more meet a counter flow of weapons, ale, lumber, and other clan-wrought goods.

The Eastern Citadel straddles the river Zeethan at the head of the Thunderfalls, a great waterfall that deposits the river in the Headland Lake. The great gates of the Eastern Citadel give upon both the road to Esrogoth as well as the Skylock Ascent (the road to the Treeshorn Gate - entry to the dwarven kingdoms below).

Illfaw Fen

A strip of lowlands extending from the southern edge of the lands controlled through the Eastern Citadel to the Sea of Soroshal, and from the eastern edge of the Howling Mountains (spur) to the tip of the jungles that dominate the region to the southeast.

There are many trails leading into the wetlands here, those who follow such temptations seldom return safely. Many are lost in the mists and strange noises that seem to permiate the marshy landscape.

Serpents, great lizards, ogres and worse lurk among these fetid trails awaiting the unwary traveler. Tales abound of brave or desperate heroes who have become lost in these misty lands are anything but uncommon.

Howling Mountains

The 'Howling Mountains' proper extend well to the northeast of this place, but here there lay a 'spur' a wrinkled bit of land that extends off of the mountains themselves and blends to the lowlands around it. These are wild lands and place where no walkable trail has been found whereby to cross.

This wild and rugged land is said to hide many crag cats, wolves and even ogre hunting parties. Civilized folk are well advised to avoid this place and even stout adventurers are warned of the dire nature of these trails.

Humfoo Province

Humfoo was a leader and of a long tradition of wilderness trackers whose entire village were taken by slavers. From there they were hauled to the coast - forced aboard slave ships which were sometime later attacked by pirates who spared those who would join the pirates' ranks. After serving aboard the pirate vessel for some months, Humfoo - no expert on a shipdeck was swept overboard in a fierce storm, but caught hold of some flotsam and was eventually hauled aboard ship by none other than (Captain) Bennin oz Dohral.

With aid of magic, Dohral and Humfoo were subseqently able to dialog on the nature of Humfoo's past and his lasting desire to return to his homeland. Dohral offered Humfoo a position among his shipboard defenders - and, if only to permit Humfoo some time to seek word of his homeland among other ports and travelers, he agreed.

Yet years of seeking and even with the aid of magic, never did Humfoo find any clue of his homeland and people. In time Humfoo accepted Dohral's offer of a province to serve as Humfoo's base until his quest had been fulfilled. Henceforth Lord Humfoo has been known to assign a Questor to tasks related to finding Humfoo's homeland, but the old Chief died without succeeding. He passed in his halls, in comfort, but sad for this deed left un-done.

Humfoo's descendants now dwell here, primarily, and control much of the countryside. Still, there are spirits here older than their first cornerstone laid, and those interests yet manifest their will upon other parts of the province. Fey hand is felt, from time-to-time upon these lands and by these people.

Kragfel Cliffs

Another province of Dohral, this one was granted to a mercenary who served Bennin oz Dohral and was rewarded with this (rugged) land. Krag's luck ran out, so the bards' songs tell, while he was exploring his new land. Krag was never found, and bards' popularized his demise as a fall while climbing one of the many sheer faces that characterize his lands. Such, no doubt, is the reason the place is known as "Kragfel's Cliffs" rather than as "Krag's Province" as once was the case.

Krag was a great warrior and leader among the mercenaries, he was NOT, however, very good at climbing. Having survived countless battles and personal combats, Krag served two terms here in the Dohral Guard and sought to retire to his own land - choosing that rough and rugged stretch just west of Dohral itself. This proved to be a very bad choice, as Krag, exploring his new land in search of the perfect location for his own stronghold, slipped while climbing one of the many cliffs this land is named for, and plummeted to his death. Some say his ghost still wanders the region looking for that perfect site and chastising those who would trespass upon HIS land.

The seascape south and west of this rough and rocky land is (as one might suspect) rather unfriendly to ships; possessing shoals and hidden sandbars. Access to this land therefore is best had from the Humfoo province, north of these Kragfel Cliffs.

At the start...

Every PC starts out on a shipboard journey to somewhere else, storms damage the vessel and force the captain to seek a safe harbor. Hence, at the start, all PCs are suitably ignorant of the details of the place they have arrived (it not being their intended destination). The sage (a fellow traveler aboard the damaged vessel) is an excellent source of background information for those curious PC's. Once the vessel docks all PCs are on their own in a strange port city. Be wary of the shadows and keep ye coin out of sight; a city can be a dangerous place, especially by night.

Maps for the Core Module

Special thanks to stalwart PLAYER and module mapper ELGATE who has traveled the module widely and assembled amazing maps of ALL THE ABOVE REGIONS for PLAYER use. See ELGATE's remarkable and prodigious maps via the link below.

Elgate's Excellent Map Page



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