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The City of Dohral

The CORE MODULE of the Al Dohral NWN Campaign, this MODULE features more than 1337 Areas! These are designed to be of particular use to various CLASSes of PC such as follows. With more than 400 Areas being outdoors / wilderness DRUIDS, BARBARIANS AND RANGERS are particularly well served! Included here are more than 400 urban exterior, interior and sewer Areas - ROGUES, BLACKGUARDS, ASSASSINS, and other ne'r-do-wells will find ample room to move. All adventurers are served by more than 21 significant lair/dungeon locations, many that have secrets to reveal only to higher level PCs.

This is but one of FOUR modules that will soon be hosted on our DEDICATED SERVER.


The CORE MODULE was designed from the beginning to be 'easy to access' in that we chose to use ONLY the CEP 2.1. This means that any PLAYER could join our server so long as that PLAYER has any CEP 2.1 or more recent installed (CEP 2.2, CEP 2.3, CEP 2.4, and CEP 2.6 all work fine with our server). The setting is unique, so all PLAYERS will arrive with a minimal amount of lore - putting all on more-or-less equal footing initially. What is more, in-game, we took steps to ensure that any new PLAYER could 'feel right at home' - given that all new PCs are "fresh off the boat"; neither native to the local region nor having arrived here intentionally, the PC is likely to start very ignorant of Dohral and the land around it. This means the PLAYER really does not need to know much if anything of the region either, and can just RP-along, asking questions of NPCs and other PCs to fill in their lore as much as the PLAYER feels inclined to do so.

The CORE MODULE started out with a smaller footprint, but has evolved over time and as we discovered more and more efficient ways to operate the server and maintain stability. While initially the CORE MODULE was intended to only span the City of Dohral and one 'province' - that of Tivook; the module has grown to include all of eight 'provinces', as well as a few 'far flung' locations, in total, 1337+ Areas for your PC to explore!

Included in this (the CORE MODULE) are the City of Dohral, Tivook Province, Humfoodale Province, Krag's Cliffs, Esrogoth Province, a (spur) of the Urzhnark mountains, the Eastern Citadel and the dread Illfaw fen (northern tip). These are shown in TAN on the map image below.


NOTE: Dohral (the city) is the 'center square' in the above image. BLUE indicates water, PLUM is the EASTERN WILDS MODULE, RED the BRANDOLAY MODULE, and GREEN the NORTHWOOD MODULE.

Maps for the Core Module

Special thanks to stalwart PLAYER and module mapper ELGATE who has traveled the module widely and assembled amazing maps of ALL THE ABOVE REGIONS for PLAYER use. See ELGATE's remarkable and prodigious maps via the link below.

Elgate's Excellent Map Page


The BRANDOLAY MODULE, shown in RED on the map above, will require use of our custom HAK packs to login. The region includes the Isle of Brandolay, as well as a large number of lesser port destinations and a broad swathe of coastal land located west of Dohral. ESTIMATED 2,000 AREAS


The EASTERN WILDS MODULE, shown in PLUM on the map above, will require use of our custom HAK packs to login. The region includes part of the Illfaw Fen (coastal south portion of the module), a swathe of the Dildmar Jungles (central region), and the lower regions of the Urzhnark Mountains (northern region). ESTIMATED 2,000 AREAS


The NORTHWOOD MODULE, shown in GREEN on the map above, will require use of our custom HAK packs to login. The region includes the Toltaw forest, the Hagmoth forest, the southern edge of the Brashak Wastes and the lower regions of the Urzhnark Mountains. ESTIMATED 2,000 AREAS


Our current dedicated server is capable of hosting ALL of these modules - we will adjust the number of PLAYERS/logins allowed on each hosted module to ensure no lag and stable operation on all hosted modules. In total, this dedicated server will host c.8,000 Areas total, across four modules. Each will offer our amazing rich feature-set, and a few surprises not yet seen.

Taken together, the server will allow your PCs to travel across and explore about 100 square kilometers of land, from the (small) city of Dohral inland to the deep forests and foot of a great mountain range. Jungles, fens, forests, seascapes and more await your PCs; and that's just scratching the surface. Below dark places beckon.

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