Deities of the Argentum Regio

The pantheons listed below are incorporated into the game. As preface to this material, it is important to point out that the cultures depicted in this game/campaign are PANTHEONISTIC CULTURES. Think of them as more like classic ROMAN culture, where the general feeling was that, since the gods conrolled everything in our lives, it was best to not offend any gods by not worshipping them. Hence, while PRIESTS/CLERICS would (often) serve a single deity (becoming initiated into the 'mysteries' [often pronounced 'shen-an-i-gans'] of that priesthood) the general populace were free and even encouraged to worship (and donate) at any and all temples to the temples' respective god.

When in Rome ...

Local areas often have local gods. Some gods are a little more cosmopolitan than that, and are known widely throughout whole regions. Contained within the listings of the pantheons linked herein, are those deities of the more cosmopolitan variety. Other MODULES may later introduce additional, strange, deities and their living or extinct cults. As PCs travel about, they should be encouraged to explore the local temples.

Built into this game engine (Neverwinter Nights) is a feature that allows a PC to select a DEITY. This value is initially set to a "" (blank or nul value). A PC may enter a temple and initiate a conversation with a priest to have this value (DEITY) changed to match that of the temple/priest. There is NO PENALTY for changing this value (since the general populace is encouraged to worship at all available temples [subject to temple/deity worhshipper restrictions], so too are PCs. Unlike the general populace, for PCs it is somewhat important what the value of this DEITY selection is should the PC actually die. A non-cleric PC can choose to visit several temples, conversing with the high priest of each to change the PC's deity to match that of the temple/priest, perform some acts of worship to boost their DIVINE FAVOR rating, then go to another temple and repeat. This is often a good idea before a long voyage or quest is undertaken, as DIVINE FAVOR can impact most any in-game contest one way or another, and DIVINE FAVOR points can be thus burned-up over the course of a voyage quest (while a PC is perhaps not able to access a temple or priest to replentish this precious DIVINE FAVOR).

A CLERIC PC is able to obtain an ITEM (statue of deity) which acts as a portable altar to the diety of the priest.

When not dead, PCs are encouraged to curry favor of numerous DEITIES compatible with the PCs' alignment and class. To do so, the PC should frequent the temple of said DEITIES, there to USE the ALTAR to initiate WORSHIP. This is logged by the system (both frequency and total number of such WORSHIP actions) and used in many ways within the game, including in choosing the outcome of conversations between the dead and their DEITY.

Human Culture Deities List

Non-Human Culture Deities List

Temples Found in the Core Module (Dohral)

(the) Infernal Master
Rhenallathan Thewhodian (elven)

NOTE: the CORE MODULE will soon also host a location known as the mystical 'Isle of Temples' (IoT) where the faithful of any deity not represented with a temple in the CORE MODULE will find a temple dedicated to their god. Until such time as the IoT debuts, CLERICs are advised to devote themselves to any of the deities listed above as having a temple, since the high priest and other objects at such locations can be very helpful to a CLERIC PC.

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