Your PC might be called upon to leap over a pit to avoid a trap, or down a cliff to avoid raging wildlife. Your PC may need to swing from a vine or rope to cross a ravine or stream, or may need to climb one to find a safe ledge. Your PC may need to drop gear and swim to survive a flood, or to squeeze through a tight space in a cave....

NWN Locomotion & Magic Potions

Most PCs are capable of jumping, climbing, swimming, swinging and squeeze-thru. Some PCs are capable of more forms of locomotion, such as flying, or gasseousform drifting with a breeze, etc.. Some alternate forms of locomotion can be by a PC on a temporary or ongoing basis by the employment of magic.

How Do You Do THAT?

Walk - Use your NWN OPTIONS to designate a WALK key on your keyboard. BIOWARE provides this explanation.

Run - Use your NWN OPTIONS to designate a WALK key on your keyboard. BIOWARE provides this explanation.

Jump - Use the ITEM "Runestone's" LONG RANGE POWER * and target the location you wish to jump to ... best to get to know your PC's limitations early in the game and before his/her sim-life depends on it.

Climb - if you find a hanging rope or vine, just click it, a CLIMB dialog will ensue. If you have a rope, you can USE it to see if a climbable location is nearby, OR if you are a natural climber, you can trigger such attempts by means of the Runestone UNIQUE POWER SELF*.

Swim - to swim, have your PC approach any body of liquid (preferably water) and use your Runestone UNIQUE POWER SELF*, a swimming dialog will follow.

Swing - Click on a hanging rope or vine to use it to SWING to a nearby location (start/end points are typically limited).

Squeeze-thru - If your PC is near an object you think it might squeeze-thru, you may test this by triggering REST, or by using the Runestone UNIQUE POWER SELF* to reveal a SQUEEZE-THRU option that allows a PC squeeze through a tight spot.

Fly - If your PC is able to fly, simply emoting *flies*, or using the REST MENU - OPTION 1 will cause your PC to fly in the direction the PC presently faces. Fliers also find an ITEM in inventory 'fly-on-fly' which can trigger flight.

Teleport - Some devices have pre-set teleport targets which allow the user to simply use the device to teleport to the pre-set location. Other types allow choice of several locations and the user must typcially choose among them (though the means of logging that choice vary). Most creatures using innate teleport abilities and those using the spell Teleport must have predetermined the target location and been there (or scryed it) to log it as a possible teleport destination (often called 'memorizing the location').

* Note it is good practice to keep two instances of the Runestone in your PC's quick slots, right clicking these will allow you to set one for UNIQUE POWER SELF, and the other for LONG RANGE POWER - both for fast access during game play.


Some urban locations allow access to various forms of 'public transit' the form and price of each vary widely.

Wagon Passage - Often times a coach service, or passage with a caravan. Generally this experience offers those in passage PCs a chance to talk, or prepare their gear the duration of the transit varies, but imminent departure is signalled by the driver at a suitable moment.

The Magic Carpets of Dohral - Yidraf's Magic Carpets were an early and popular feature of the city, allowing visitors to the city to quickly fly from depot to depot within the city simply by naming their destination and having sufficient coin (2 sp) for the fare.

Ships & Sailing

Passage - can be purchased on most ships sailing the seas, though prices, accomodations and amenities vary. Each ship runs a regular route with only in rare circumstanceds detouring to any alternate destinations so Captains or their Officers will usually meet polite inqeries with the destination and departure information pertinent to the next leg of their scheduled route. Even with the purchase of passage aboard a vessel, arrival is NOT guaranteed, with possible outcomes listed below.

Safe Passage - After a bit of time aboard ship, a ship arrving at its destination will permit all passengers to debark at their convenience.

Mutiny - Sometimes the crew grows to resent the command so much, that they institute an abrupt change to the arrangements. PCs caught in such a dispute may opt to aid either or neither side. Should, when the tumult is done, the result be a change in control of the vessel, PCs may well discover the need to re-negotiate passage and even accept an alernate destination.

Pirates - Suddenly put upon by thieves of the sea, a vessel may find it necessary to defend or surrender control of their vessel (and possibly their lives). PCs aboard a ship targeted by pirates can opt to aid either or neither faction, but should the pirates win, the PCs may well find that their loot will be seized, their persons searched, and if deemed not ransom-worthy, a PC may be subsequently cast overboard, or even sold into slavery.

Castaway - Sometimes it happens, a passenger and their vessel become separated, intentionally or otherwise. Sometimes, the lucky survivor washes ashore on some remote isle. A PC in such circumstances will need to consider carefully their need for food and drink, and how best to find a way off the isle, which may even hide dangers (and rewards) of its own.

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