Sometimes, a PC's reputation preceeds him or her, not always to the PCs advantage.

Reputation in NWN

Your PC will at times, insult or applaud others, anger or befriend NPC, life's events will entangle your PC in many plots, altercations, fetes, and engage the PC in a wide variety of ways. The things your PC does will impact the level of comraderie or enmity the PC receives from the NPC members of various factions.

Not all members of a faction are overtly broadcasting that membership; spies may pretend to be a DEFENDER faction member until exposed. Be aware that not all is as it seems, some NPCs and factions are more treacherous than others.

Not all members of a faction will act the same - the NPCs individual reaction to a PC presence (though NPCs of a similar type may act similarly, it is not always the case).


BETA TEST - During BETA TEST full persistence may not be retained from re-set to re-set ... please bear with us as we are in the process of gathering data about how the NPC / PC interactions are evolving and adjusting our scripts based on the incoming data. We appreciate your participation and assistance in generating useful data on NPC interactions. NOTE while some NPC interaction may be obvious, much of the details are 'behind the scenes' in the realm of the Immersion Tool.

Post BETA TEST full persistence will begin, and the 'clocks' will advance decades - PC Log Books will be reviewed and entries will be gleaned from them for use in in-game books and tomes (yes, by this means your BETA TEST PC can be part of the in-game lore in the post BETA TEST play of this module).

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