Any practitioner of the arcane arts (magic) will have in inventory a SPELLBOOK (DIVINE CASTERS ALSO HAVE ONE TO BE CONSIDERED A 'PRAYERBOOK'). Examine the SPELLBOOK - it will reveal a brief bit of instruction, also it lists each SPECIAL SPELL known to the possessing character. These SPECIAL SPELLS are mostly from 3rd Edition Dungeons & Dragons, although some are original creations. Your PC can research these SPECIAL CUSTOM SPELLS using a Spell Research Desk, or learn them from PC or NPC tutors, or find them in scrolls or tomes.


Argentum Regio features more than 100 custom spells, not merely changes to the standard NWN spells, but whole new magic spells added, most inspired from Dungeons & Dragons, novels or other sources.

Added Magic Spells
(abridged listing)

Alarm - a wizards best friend & a D&D standard.

Baleful Polymorph - Allows polymorphing your basic unwilling victim into more inocuous form.

Binding - What better way for your nerdy wizard to begin that cozey evening with the extraplanar test subject?

Comprehend Languages - allows the caster to understand all languages spoken around them and likewise read any written text while the spell lasts.

Control Weather - Having this spell would surely get your caster invited to more picnics.

Create Golem - Bwahahahahaha!

Detect Animals or Plants - Handy in wilderness settings.

Detect Scrying - Reveals to the caster if anything is scrying on the immediate viscinity.

Detect Secret Doors - Now this one is very handy.

Dimension Door - A short range teleport variant, a D&D standard.

Disintegrate - Indispensible and a D&D standard.

Displace Self ( aka Blink) - Very short range random teleport. A teleport variant and a D&D standard.

Druid Forms Extentions expanding the druid standards to include : Dire Animal Form, Reptile Shape and Tree Shape.

Druid Scry Pool - Temporarilly makes a pool function for scrying use.

Faerie Fire - Great fun at parties and a D&D standard.

Fly - a D&D standard.

Fly, Mass - Like Fly, but works on whole party.

Forcecage - Another spell quite useful for the wizard who might need to contain a, a-hem, situation from time-to-time.

Hide from Animals - No, this has nothing to do with harvesting pelts! It allows the caster to be effectively invisible to animals.

Jump - Very useful and a D&D standard.

Living Oak - Allows the caster to 'waken' a treant from an oak.

Mass Teleport - A teleport variant allowing a whole group to teleport, and a D&D standard.

MoonRunes - Can reveal secret writing or create same.

Nondetection - Proof vs. Scrying, and a D&D standard.

Polymorph Other - Can be used to polymorph a willing subject (not caster).

Ray of Fatigue - Can be used to sap the target's energy.

Rope Trick - Classic but rare, and a D&D standard.

Silver Weapon - Magically coats a targeted weapon in silver.

Silver Shards - Magically created blast of silver shards.

Summon Mount - that secret get-away your PC has heretofore only dreamt of.

Summon Portal - Arcane excellence, classic and a D&D standard.

Teleport Memorize - Allows caster to set the present location as one they have 'memorized' for teleportation use later.

Teleport With Error - Standard full blown 'teleport', and a D&D standard.

Teleport Without Error - Enhanced full 'teleport' and a D&D standard.

Tracker - Summons a magical hound.

Wall of Force - Great fun at parties, and a D&D standard.

Wall of Ice - A meltable wall spell, and a D&D standard.

Wall of Stone - A destructable wall spell, and a D&D standard.

Water Breathing - Another very useful spell and a D&D standard.

Wish - Classic magic, and a D&D standard. Be careful what you wish for!


Animate Dead - now requires corpses (won't THAT make your necromancer popular, eh?).

Bless - Divine Favor impacts success, cast on a canteen yields HOLY WATER.

Charm Person or Animal - generally finessed to work better in our world. The changes made will not impact your PC directly nor will they be immediately obvious, but they do 'behind the scenes things which will enhance overall game play and this spells' integration with other subsystems used here at ArgentumRegio. Bard Song, Charm Monster, Charm Person, Elemental Shape, Magic Circle Against Chaos / Magic Circle Against Law, Confusion, Mordenkainen's Disjunction, Mass Charm, Polymorph Self, Raise Dead, Resurrection, Remove Curse as above.

Cure / Cause Wounds, Harm / Heal - work properly with respect to living and undead targets.

Familiars - these drink from the witches' teat a blemish or mole somewhere on the master's body. Such feedings can leave the master drained and is best attempted alone or in the company of trustworthy companions.

Find Traps - Finds but does NOT remove traps.

Healing - vs. undead harms them and reversed healing spells heal undead, while healing spells heal living creatures and reversed healing spells harm these living creatures as would be expected.

Laying on of Hands - works per the D∧D rules.

Negative Energy Burst - functions as normal, but also boosts STR of undead in AoE.

Prayer - impacted by the casters' Divine Favor.

Shapechange ∧ Wild Shape - shapes here have powers you would expect of them if they were real-world creatures, such as hounds scenting exceptionally well, or felines climbing well, etc..

Time Stop - effect on local Area only.

Turn Undead - requires a Holy Symbol and works true to DnD rules here.


Detect Magic - is an inherent ability of anyone attuned to the arcane nature of the world. Taking time to Detect Magic can be very helpful at times especially as it can alert the mage to Wild or Dead Magic fields and more.

Wild or Dead Magic

Wild Magic - Magic spells and items may trigger strange and unexpected results in any Area with Wild Magic.

Dead Magic - Magic spells and items will fail in such places.

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