DO NOT FEAR THE SYSTEMS - these are NOT the similar systems you may have previously experienced elsewhere. These custom scripted systems are LAG-FREE and will fade into the background (especially after we turn off the debug messages presently active for testing purposes).


Basic survival in this game is much like real life -

While this is a free online multiplayer game, and you the PLAYER won't feel a thing, your PC will pay the price of being over-exposed to inclement weather and for any deprivation they experience - YOU will be alerted to this by seeing HIT POINTS of damage being done, YELLOW TEXT weather messages, and the changing readouts on your HTF gauges which are displayed intermittently.


Hunger, Thirst, and Fatigue (HTF) Systems - are here to help immersion and role play. It becomes essential that PCs travel with sufficient supplies or magic to sustain themselves, and it enters now the possibility that foodstuffs can be poisonous or even poisoned intentionally.

Let me hear all the Rogues in the house holla HEMLOCK!

Hungry bellies can often be heard to rumble (so much for sneaking about hungry eh?). Thirst is a consequence of needing water - not all water is safe, and some animals can alert their masters to the presence of bad water. Spells can reveal bad food or drink and some magic can even render bad victuals good, or vice versa.

How fast a PC's body is depleted is determined by a number of factors, these include:


Not all PCs require gear to rest. The 'RUGGED CLASSES' need no gear for resting - these include Fighter, Barbarian, Druid, and Monk who can all rest anywhere - rock for a pillow and they are just fine. Other, more civilized types require a bit more comfort and shelter, a campfire and bedroll / tent at at minimum, or better, a room at the inn.

The intention of the Campfire is to make it a staging location for adventuring. Set up a Campfire (or stow gear for making camp) somewhere you want to make an excursion into a Dungeon or what and you have a close place to rest. YOU choose where to set up the Campfire (as long as it is a Natural Setting).

For those wishing to camp/rest, first you will need some Dry Wood. You can bash any DEAD TREE to get some dry wood (good survivalists will keep a keen watch for such resources). MORE of this resource is found in Areas far from habitation as the 'low lying fruit' is the first to be taken. The would-be camper will also need a Torch, or Lantern, or Open Lantern equipped ... this will enable you 'To Light' the Dry Wood. Once you have equipped your torch just Activate the Dry Wood and then Target the Ground. NOTE : Campfires cannot be closer than 4 meters from each other.

The Campfire has many Functions:


Bedrolls: NOTE : These BELONG to each person so only the OWNER of the bedroll can click on it to rest.

To Pack up the Campfire simply talk to the Campfire and tell it to BREAK CAMP. Then go and pick up your Tent and/or Bedroll items. NEW!! When you press the Rest button you will now get a nice list of things you can do!! This 'rest system' is originally from Talus - WONDERFUL STUFF! Take some time to explore this very useful system! As typical, we have enhanced this excellent system for our server.

Realistic Torches and Lanterns

These are 'automatically dimming over time' light sources. That is right ... they will dim as they get older and then when they wear out they will stop functioning. The Torches of course will be destroyed and the Lanterns will simply require more Oil. All of these will start dimming at 50% their duration (explained below).


Open Lanterns:



Anyone (any class PC) can find FRUIT TREES or FRUIT BUSHES if such are around, anyone with proper gear can go FISHING or HUNTING. The "NATURE CLASSES" are able to SCAVENGE and find things others would miss.

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