Online, on this server, ENCHANTING is the means by which the greatest magical items are created.


After a PC's registration for class the student receives this wonderful BOOK OF ENCHANTING to help in your travels. This book CAN be discarded if the PLAYER desires, but the book DOES have further uses in-game for the serious enchanter - this page is the text of the book here for convenience of reference.

To view your current skill level. 'RIGHT CLICK' on this book and use the Unique Power button.

What is Enchanting?

This is the process of the natural properties of one item and transfering that specific energy to another item. The quantity of energy transfered is directly proportional to the quantity of natural items.

The High Eldars have designed a magical forge the we call the Enchanting Table that Elves could make weapons of lore and legend.

The High Elves were solely responsible for the creation of such items. However, the Eldars knew that such power could be easily misused by a few Elves that have converted to non-Elvish beliefs so the power of this forge was limited in its capability somewhat.

Still quite powerful...the Eldars have just established the power level to maintain nature's balances.

How to Enchant Items:

The type of gem and quantity is dependent upon what you intend to enchant. The following is all the acceptable additions by item type that can be added to the Enchanting Forge. There is a maximum enhancement on every item that can possibly be absorbed.

Also note....if you try to transfer energies to an item that can not absorb that energy the gem is lost and of course the energy can not be absorbed. This could be very costly for you, make sure you check the list below for which item types can absorb which energy types for complete compatibility.

Nature's Gems:

Guldur Gems or Ioun Stones: These are magical creations by the High Elves. These gems are made by casting the appropriate spell on an Earth gem. The type of spell matched with the correct Earth gem will create these magical stones. The spells have been kept secret by the Eldars and High Elves but rumors are known that a very few select wizard's have some knowledge of the spells required for this.

The Ioun Stones are -

Diamonds - Precious and the hardest substance known. The natural essences can be transfered to many weapons to increase their potency. They enhance the Attack Bonus, Damage Bonus, and Enhancement Bonus to all weapons.

Mithril - Not really a gem but the small amounts of energies in a bar of this can alloy a metal to help make it extra sharp during honing (Keen).

Nature's Elementals:

All elementals provide the properties of random dice rolls to damage bonus from 1d4 to 2d12 depending upon the number of gems on the table. 1=1d4, 2=1d6, 3=1d8, 4=2d4, 5=1d10, 6=1d12, 7=2d6, 8=2d8, 9=2d10, 10=2d12 The elementals also give 5/- Damage Resistance to that elemental damage.

NOTE: Depending upon the module settings you may not have the possibility of all quantities (5 is max by default for combined total of elementals). You also may only combine a few combinations of elementals (3 max by default ... could be all 6 though).

Equipment can only absorb the energy that they are capable of absorbing. Below you will see what items can absorb which gem or elemental.


Armor has the properties of protecting the wearer from getting damaged. 2 ways this protection can take place. Armor Class and Damage Resistance (there is also Damage Reduction but this is really for natural abilities instead of armor abilities)

Armor can absorb:











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