After your registration for class you receive this wonderful Book of Woodworking to help in your travels. This book can be discarded if the PLAYER desires, this page is the text of the book here for convenience of reference.

To view a PC's current skill level. 'RIGHT CLICK' on the in inventory book and use the Unique Power button.

How to gather wood: Easy ... bash the stuffings out of the trees ... LOL. There are 3 types of trees which yield craftable wood, these are Ironwood(Rare), Oak, and Elm (both the latter are abundant).

There is a little to this also. Each tree has a damage requirement that continues to add with every stroke you hit it. Overcome this requirement and you will receive a wood chunk.

You will also need the right tool for the right job. There are two weapons ... Woodman's Axe ... and Light Wood Axe. Available at most general supply stores.

How to Mill Wood: Once you have gathered wood ... place the wood on the Woodworking Table. There is a specific amount of wood required to make planks.

There is also a maximum capacity of wood that the table can handle. Just plop the wood on and it will tell you if you have to much ... nice. If you have enough skill from your Armor or Weapon skill points plus your education skill points (credits) you will suceed at milling the wood.

How to Craft Items (Including the DC and Cost):

First thing you need is a Crafting Allowed Axe Stump. Just step up to it (there is a black spot) then right click on the whatever you are trying to craft.

You will see the options available on each and every item activated. There is also a cost for each item crafted because of consumables you don't have to worry about.

The Axe Stump is not only for wood objects BUT any item can be crafted here ... even the metal ones. For tradition sake ... bah who am I kidding ... go ahead and craft all.

The Base Items you need (For the creation of metal items see the Book of Smithing):

Ironwood Planks
Plank of Oak
Plank of Elm

Base Component/DC/Cost:

From wood alone

The Recipes:




Bows and Crossbows:


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