GM_ODA, the Designer, would like to thank all those whose works influenced this module's construction. In addition to a goodly number of original scripts created specifically for this project, a number of other works were either incorporated (whole or modified) or lent notions or concepts to the Designer's custom scripts. THANK YOU AND KUDOS to all those whose works either appear as part of this work or whose examples aided GM_ODA's own thought processes.


Wading in, with decades of experience as a TABLETOP RPG and COMPUTER RPG enthusiast. Having experience in all phases of computer game and multi-media production dating back to the 1980's - I entered the NWN universe with a fair idea of what it took to build a good game. I started my exploration in 2003 - beginning with a tour of the boxed content, then on to a semi-random selection of user-created modules and campaigns. From there, I next ventured to the NWN TOOLKIT. - WOW - Now this was a kick in the pants! A well constructed, well designed tool sufficient to construct rather sophisticated games. I was hooked from there.

I outlined the things needful to start mapping the work and threw myself into several months of dedicated map building, all the while slowly educating myself on the scripting aspects of the task. By the end of the first year, most of the campaign was mapped and the serious work of inserting the scripts which would give the campaign its own character began to occupy the Designer's time more and more. The original notion was to just code everything from scratch, but as I educated myself more on the SCRIPTING, I continually bumped into novel scripts by other builders which had varying degree of merit in the quality and even applicability to the task at hand, but some were extraordinarilly well constructed and some even begged insertion to the campaign as a fine fit (with some tweaking). WHY RE-INVENT THE WHEEL? By not opting to create these scripts on my own, I was able to dedicate more time to creating those scripts for the campaign which could not be found elsewhere. Again, to you kind folk who have published tutorials, modules and the like, if I used your script, or I gained some insight from your script - MANY THANKS TO YOU! You enabled me to make great progress on this project and your work is appreciated. I have tried to credit all these persons on this and other pages here at - if your work is in some way included on our server or influenced it and we missed crediting you in error PLEASE EMAIL US or post us on the Al Dohral forum and we will include your credit on the credits page. This is a HUGE work, we _think_ we have included all properly for credit where credit is due but being human, we may have missed something.


I will try to list here ALL the scripted works which went into the AL DOHRAL campaign, being human, I hope all will forgive me if I somehow miss something - this is a HUGE project and I may have erred in the listed credits below. If you know of some piece used in this work which is NOT cited below, let GM_ODA know about it and a review of your alert memo may elicit changes to this page.


The following MAJOR scripts and packages are incorporated into the AL DOHRAL campaign.

Bulletin Board

Bulletin Board 1.0 by Thirsty Bear allows players to leave messages for all to see. These messages remain as long as the player who left the message remains connected - a great way to tell other PCs you are online (and maybe looking to party?).


You may deposit coin based wealth with the Banker and deposit your items in the safe. These can be retrieved where ever there is a Banker and/or Safe setup. Currently this is being switched over to the NPCACT system, but for the persistent container portion which may be retained from the old system.

Dye Kit

The DYE KIT allows players to customize the look (color only) of their armor and clothing. Now, not ALL +2 armor has to look the same!

Riddle Database

by bloodsong ( - with a goal of more than doubling the riddle database in size with the next iteration (the database and software are installed and running now, when I upgrade the system next I'll add the new collection of riddles).

Vuldrick's Flexible Pantheon System

This system has been robustly modified to provide a wider range of features including a system which tracks a PC's favor with each deity, and which modifies the type of reactions and assistance one can hope to receive at a temple or from any (NPC) representative of a deity.


Incorporating "BLACK TOWER: Secret Bookcase", a home-brew trigger-based secret-placable system, Vuldrick's Searchable Library, and a few other juicy code bits from hither and yon (honestly, if I told you about this stuff it would not be much of a secret anymore would it?).

Dynamic Logbooks

Zaddix's original with modification by caesarbear and finally worked-over by our house code-monger.

Axe Murderer's "Killer Map Books"

System inspired by Axe Murderer's "Killer Map Books" - jazzed it up by causing the use of the item to reveal to the player what the level of Area Knowledge the PC has of the current area and what the PC recollects of past experiences in the subject Area.

Custom Campaign Drugs

Based on "Drugs of Faerun" by Jeremiah Teague whose work also cites Michael Janicki for the Addiction Rules. This unique implementation features 16 custom drugs with unique effects, addiction possibilities and side-effects.

Dom Queron's Graveyard Ambience Package

This one is just soooooo sweet. Demo Module for Dom Queron's Graveyard Ambience Package
Info Page:

Random People v1.0

Really nice stuff that.

Much much more...

Here are some of the other systems we used, modified or were inspired by:

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