SOULRUNES are the coin of the gods. Your PC's deity will trade you the PC's life back in exchange for one SOULRUNE (sometimes more). When you have no more SOULRUNES to offer your god in trade, death is permenant.

The Soulrune System

In many Role Playing Games ( RPGs ), death is almost meaningless. Push a button and your character lives again, wheee-immortality! It just does not FEEL right to GM_ODA, who likes to have death mean something, as in, it exists as a reason why your character might NOT charge headlong to near-certain-death. With a limit on the number of lives/respawnings that a PC may engage, the PLAYER is thereby cautioned to ROLE PLAY the character with a bit of that realistic caution exibited as a desire to live on the part of the character.

All PCs will start with a number of SOULRUNES (lives). Any PC can earn additional SOULRUNES by serving their diety (perform quests for your temple/church/deity and you may be awarded the gods favor in the form of additional SOULRUNES).

When your character dies your character will first go through a Bleeding-Out-Stage. The more CONSTITUTION your character has the better your character's chance of recovery (bloodflow stops and consciousness may return). When your character has Bled-Out to -11 Hitpoints your character will go through the Death Cycle.


When your character dies, [and you click the RESPAWN BUTTON] the PC will be instantly transported to the Otherworld. There are several phases to the Otherworld. There are Areas in the Otherworld where all Good characters go, another where all Evil characters go, another where all neutral characters go, and another still where all characters go when they have no more SOULRUNES to offer their god in trade. There are rumors of cunning PCs escaping this fate, but details are not forthcoming.

When your PC dies and passes into the 'Otherworld' (afterlife) the PC must seek out an agent of your deity - and converse with it. If your PC has any SOULRUNES a deal will be worked-out and your PC will be able to return to the world alive.


A PC may bind their soul to a Binding Point (they take many forms in the game) and return to it after you have died or you may make a quick travel to your Binding Stone at the cost of 1 SOULRUNE (if you have a Scroll of Transit).

With the use of Binding Points, your soul is attached to one these magical locations. This allows you travel back to any place you have attached your soul to from any Binding Point you use, and even with the use of a Scroll of Transit. The use of a Binding Point for travelling will remove one of your SOULRUNES from you. Such is the cost for using a portion of your soul to cheat time and distance.

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