Weather is said to be a phenomonon ranked as 'one of seven or eight things in the world worth talking about'


This NWN module includes a realistic weather system. This system takes into account temperature and humidity to create fog, clouds, rain, thunder, wind, and lightening (which can rarely but devastatingly strike a PC).

The temperature and humidity are configured by a settings which cover large regions (several Areas). This system also changes the weather in game over time, it is based upon four seasons through the climate and precipitation zones.

About Temperature and Humidity

Temperature of course is the real feeling and effect of either warm or cold in a particular time period. This is measured in degrees Celsius and used by HTF System, it will have an effect of how quickly the PC will feel the tiring effects of temperature.

Humidity here is different than what we see in the weather reports, done to keep the CPU load light overall. Humidity, the moisture content in air, can benefit or harm a PC depending on circumstances. Warmer air can hold more moisture and lessens the chance for condensation or rain. The more moisture content in the air the more potential power the air has for storms. Humidity will increase naturally and the speed at which it does is related to the amount of liquid water in the region. Large amounts of water have more evaporation and provide more moisture into the air ... so humidity climbs more rapidly in such places.

Warm and Cold Fronts

Warm fronts represent warming periods and will not bring rain. The weather is typically very nice and mild. Cold fronts bring cooler air and allow for the precipitation of moisture from the air, which, in warmer temperatures falls to the ground in the form of rain. If temperatures are cool enough precipitation results in the transformation of this rain into other forms of precipitation.

In-game effects of weather on PCs include simulated hypothermia and frost-bite (either of which can result in death) and impact upon the Hunger/Thirst/Fatigue (HTF) systems. PLAYERS are urged to pay attention to weather and take such precautions as may be needed. Remember, TENTS provide greater weather protection than does a BEDROLL.

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