High and Low Society of Al Dohral

Throughout the campaign, and within each module, various obvious and inobvious linkages exist to help help or hinder your PCs moves. Special interests, societies public and secret exist everywhere in the game and await your entry into the intrigues that entangle them all.

Noble Society

In the world in general, and in Al Dohral in particular, noble society is set largely apart from their subject peoples. Frequently made up of powerful NPCs, nobles wield much wealth and hold much sway with their subject peoples (through various means). Simply put, it is given that a noble's will is done much more often than not; get in the way and loose what you hold dear.

PCs may, with DM approval, be created which are members of the ruling class. The PLAYER will have to select (and have approval of) the family they wish to be part of, and a 'distance from the throne' will be assigned to the PC by a DM. THIS IS A RED SHIRT PERK!

Common Society

AH... the little people (not to be confused with the 'wee folk' ye can be bettin yer blarnie stones) are the muscle that powers all societies. It is the ordinary people, the commoners, which largely make up the work-force - an often voiceless faction.

Nearly all of the PCs come from 'common society' which equates to social classes below 'upper-upper'. Note: provisions are made to allow for your family's traditional occupation to be set among other interesting Role Play details.

Sometimes, it is good to have friends in low places.

The Cholla

This huge conclave of wizards spans much of the world. In many, more developed, areas of the world, the Cholla (pronounced like the ch in 'chaos') have established strongholds, bases and even learning institutes. The Cholla remains a mysterious and powerful group, and as such is not uniformly welcomed nor liked everywhere in the world. Still, many at least feign indifference with regard to the Cholla rather than risk earning the their enmity.

Where the Cholla have established themselves they exert strong influence. It should be noted that the Cholla are very anti-piracy, and anti-thievery (any bard of the land can tell you the tale of the Cholla Guildmaster's Lost Alembic - and the (then) Cholla Guildmaster was quite convinced that it had gone lost due to the influence of thieves and pirates. Thereafter he swore burn or sink either he ever found, and pledged the Cholla's resources to the effort. This has become tradition, as to this day, a wizard of the Cholla who has rare goods conveyed to him is most displeased to find such to go missing en-route.

It is possible for an EPIC mage to be invited to join the Cholla. The details of how this comes about are subject to much RP. THIS IS A RED SHIRT PERK!

Thieves' Guilds

Some towns and cities have them, some do not, some might, and you'd never know it - such is the secretive nature of secret societies, no? Good luck finding them; more likely, they will find you.


Well, they exist in the world, for certain, but they take their chances at a collision with the Cholla in some parts of the world. This also tends to reinforce the notion that pirates are desperate types indeed; living on the edge, plying a dangerous trade amid dangerous waters. Pirates (especially in Cholla influenced areas) seldom take hostages for ransom; collecting such with the Cholla sniffing about magically is just too dangerous.

PLAYER Operated Guilds

PLAYER GUILDS are fully supported here. Any PC is free to seek and join any of a number of GUILDS. PCs of high level, wealth and high CHARISMA can also found guilds of their own. In all cases, control of GUILDS is left to the PLAYERS.

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