Temples & Gods

There are many temples found throughout the module(s). Many feature similar aspects - as centers for worship, for example. Actual forms of worship may vary, but can be invoked by interacting with the altar which initiates a CONVERSATION DIALOG something like the following.

Alternately, a PC can interact with the Temple's High Priest which initiates a CONVERSTATION DIALOG something like the following.

Let the PLAYER be forewarned. There are far-reaching effects within the game, which are invoked by the simple act of worshipping a deity. The repurcussions are not always either immediate nor obvious, but PLAYERS should consider carefully which deities their character worships in the game. YOUR CHARACTER NEED NOT SELECT A SINGLE DEITY TO WORSHIP IN THE GAME - none, one, and many are all options!

PRIESTS are different from other PCs in that they must serve only one deity.

Those who are followers of the same deity to which a consecrated object, such as an altar, is dedicated will find a different CONVERSATION as follows.

Low level PCs are treated to 'death-lite' or a reduction of the penalties associated with dying in game. We have nerfed death for all PCs of level 4 or less. For these low-level PCs, hitting RESPAWN costs nothing and returns the PC to the in-city start location 'debarking the ship in Chonda Port'. For all other PCs, hitting the RESPAWN button begins a journey to the afterlife.

In the afterlife, the PC will find themselves in a strange location, and must find a representative of a deity to return to the world of the living. If the PC is able to find an agent of the divine dedicated to a god that holds the PC in good favor, the PC will be allowed to return to the world of the living in exchange for just ONE SOULRUNE. If the PC deals with an agent of a god that holds the PC in less regard (e.g. the PC has a low Divine Favor rating with the deity), the agent may allow the PC to return to the world of the living for a greater number of SOULRUNES. Hence, it behooves a (non-cleric) PC to give worship to many gods whose alignment is similar to that of the PC.

TEMPLES IN THE CITY OF DOHRAL and nearby locations.

N.W. of city (dohral03) - Numahl- n
North Algrada in Dohral (dohral09) - Finshi - n
North Chonda in Dohral (dohral11) - Amaner - g
North Egbort in Dohral (dohral13) - Faylyna - e
Mid Egbort in Dohral (dohral20) - Goodaloop - n
South Algrada in Dohral (dohral23) - Gressles - g
South Donnel in Dohral (dohral26) - Eavee - n
South Egbort in Dohral (dohral27) - ifMaster - e
End of the Road Temples (tivook43) - Shadranzi - g
End of the Road Temples (tivook43) - Gameter - n
End of the Road Temples (tivook43) - Ogbarad - e
Roadside Temple (tivook46) - Deeproot - n

NOTE: the CORE MODULE will soon also host a location known as the mystical 'Isle of Temples' (IoT) where the faithful of any deity not represented with a temple in the CORE MODULE will find a temple dedicated to their god. Until such time as the IoT debuts, CLERICs are advised to devote themselves to any of the deities listed above as having a temple, since the high priest and other objects at such locations can be very helpful to a CLERIC PC.

Human Culture Deities of the Argentum Regio

Non-Human Culture Deities of the Argentum Regio

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